Friday, September 7, 2012

Senior Mini Olympics

Oh cool, What do we do? I said to my friend Shoal. “I don’t know probably heaps of activities” she replied. Yep, the day has come for the seniors to have their Mini Olympics. Last week the Juniors had their Mini Olympics. Today we had a dull and grey sky. When we arrived in the hall Mr Burt was there to greet us and tell us what to do. The teams are Matatua, Takitimu, Te Arawa, Tainui. Also after each activity we got scored

Miss lagitupu told us which line to go in and sit down. Jasmine was in my team so I sat next to her. Mr Burt said the prayer then told us what we were going to do today. We had four rotations and in that time four games. The first game was in the library with Mrs Flavelle.

We sat down in the library in front of us is two tables covered with felt tips, icing sugar and paper. When we got asked to sit down on the table we had 15 minutes to split into two groups. One who was going to decorate cookies and one who is going to draw on shells. The Theme was the Olympics. When we got to decorate the cookies we had to blindfold the person and tell them what to do.

After that we got scored a five and went off to our next activity it was Jump Jam with Miss Muliaumasealii. I reckon it was lucky timing when we arrived because it started pouring down with rain. As we went in to sit down Miss M was getting the projector ready so we could start. We stood up getting ready staring at the Jump Jam video. A huge thud went of when we started because the boys in the back where tripping over and knocking down chairs.

After that funny experience our team went on to the ICT room to relax and watch movies. This was the third activity and the next was the last. The movies we watch was from when we were younger and even when the year 8’s were year six’s. We only watched about four movies then off we went to the hall to see Mr Burts activity he was doing relays.

The relays were super fun especially when we had to hula hoop down to the finish line and run back up so the next person can take their turn. This went on except we had different types of relays. It was hilarious. But it soon had to end. I can't wait to hopefully do this again some day.

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