Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Woooh Go Pt England"

As the sorching sun came tumbling down. We sat down on the grass in a line of spectators. The reason for this is because we had to support the year 7 and 8 girls rugby team, their oppents are Koru from the south side. Soon as the horn went of the girls went of tring to get to the goal. Smashing through their oppnents hoping to cover as much field to get closer and closer. Koru are really good so we had to work really hart to get that try and then out of know where with her tremedous run Besi scored the first try. Great tackles went around the field. as both teams tried to get the try. Fierce tackling came from all the girls even some came from Koru butTina a big hits. It was an intense game as I sat and talk to my friends about the game and some of the tackles and trys. Solid defence came from Koru but accelerated speed came from Pt England. I guess both teams had their advantages and there disadvantage. Amazing achivement was showen on feild. We could all tell by their faces that hat it was a really hard game. At first it was a draw 3 each but then it came well up to 15-16 Koru was in the lead. I thought that we could finish it off with a amazing try but soon or later Koru with their solid defence couldn't help us win. Even on the side line me and my friends could feel the intesity. As the game came to the end it was a fight to the finish. But by one point Koru just one. It was a cool game but next time I am determined for them to win.

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