Monday, September 10, 2012

What If........ I Was A Billionaire

If I was a billionaire? I would be as happy as a clam . I would have everything I would ever want. Well first I would give some money to my nana and papa and my mum and dad. But the rest I would use to travel around the world and pay off the bills in my house.

I would also put away some money in my bank account to save up for college and university. I would try and change the world bit by bit in my own little. If you're asking what I would change I would use my money to donate money on children's education.

The thing is if you want all the things you dream of you have to work hard to get there. You don’t have to be rich for you to get the things you always wanted all you really need is support and good education. That is why I would save money for a really good university and collage.

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