Monday, December 10, 2012

Athletics At Lloyd Elsmore park

Arriving at school at 7:30 playing with my friends inside the hall ready to go on the bus .Going on the bus with some of my friends heading off to athletics we all sat there talking to each other with anticipation. Today was annual school athletics for the year 7 and 8's. We all headed off to Lloyd Elsmore Park.

We arrived inside the park and followed Mr Barks to where we had to sit down and relax until the events started. First was the 1500 meters sadly no one qualified for that so then we missed out on that race. My friend Huelo-ata had high jump and I had shot put I would have watched but I didn't notice that she had already went.

A while later it was my turn to do my activity, I had shot put. I quickly ran with Zion down to the shot put pit we both sat down next to other girls.Mr Manson was running shot put for the girls he told us all the rules and that we had three shots each.

Zion and I were waiting for our names to be called then suddenly Zion's name was called. Me and the other girls from different schools cheered her on. After Zion it was me, I stood up ready to throw. I did my styles for running up and then pushed it away from my neck.

With my amazement with each throw I had it went pretty far. My last throw was the best yet putting me in first place. I was so proud of myself  but I didn't show it.When I went back to Mrs Vafusuanga I told her that I came first and she was so happy. The length of  my biggest throw was 8.13. After everyone had their sports done we went home in a bus felling awesome.

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