Monday, December 10, 2012

My Future Career...

Hopefully my future career will end up with me making movies of my own and taking photos of cool scenery. I chose that as my future career because I love taking photos and making movies at school. I guess its just a hobby of mine but I really enjoy it, and it would be an awesome job. 

Being a videographer is a dream of mine. I started to think about making movies  not so long ago because I have and had alot of opportunities in school  to help teachers film movies for their class. And last term Mr Munic a guy who came to our school to teach kids tips of using the camera.

To get to this dream of mine I have to work harder and put my hand up for more opportunities around school. The person I look up to for making movies is Peter Jackson. I know I won’t make that great a movie but I guess I can always try and put some of my stories that I made up.


  1. I'm sure you'll achieve any movie making goal that you set yourself! Greater than Sir Peter Jackson anyway. We'll all be calling you Dame Brooklyn! Please remember us Pt Englanders when your famous, maybe you could host a movie premier in the hall!

    1. Hi Miss K,
      Thank you for all the nice words you said and what a great idea to host a movie in the school hall. Again thank you



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