Friday, October 11, 2013


Looking at all the rows of red plushed seats being filled with people, I can't wait until the show starts.  Opening my lollies I start to sink into my chair and get relaxed.

 'The show will start in a couple of minutes' a voice came booming out of the intercom. It started to quiet down as the room started to get dimmer. The show had now started and the first character had walked on stage. 'Glinda the good' was her name and all the little munchkins surrounded her asking all these questions. 'Was it true that you were friends with the wicked witch of the west'? That was the question that had led her into telling them her story of what happened with her and the wicked witch.

I don't want to tell you everything about this show but it was very cool and the actors,singers and dancers were awesome. If you get the chance to see it you would really enjoy it.

   This photo was taken before the show with me and my sister drinking Glinda the good mock tails. 

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  1. You were so lucky to got to Wicked. My family took me for my birthday at the end of camp. I loved it.

    Mrs Burt


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