Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Future Jobs

For me I think to be a Filmer you would have to Have experience with cameras and also have a media degree. And to became a Filmer you would probably need to start volunteering to film at any celebration. But also study hard.

Director’s, I wonder how they became one? I think they would need to have inspiration to make movies. Know important things about cameras, and most importantly go to university and study movie making.

Flight Attendant
When you go on a plane you will always see a flight attendant. What do you think they would need to do to get there? I think they would have great hostess skills and not be afraid of heights. Also they would probably need to do a course.

To be a pilot you would definitely need to do a course so you can learn how to drive a plane. I think they would like a Flight attendant you shouldn't be afraid of heights.

To me to be a lawyer you have to know what you're studying in university. For example you might want to be a lawyer for crime or young justice. I also think you would need to be very confident and very justifying.  

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