Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Origins

The extension group have recently been researching more about the origins of Halloween. First we shared some ideas of what we thought halloween was all about. At first I thought halloween was about dressing up in scary costumes, celebrating the dead and also eating loads of lollies. But I was wrong there is a lot more information to halloween.

This is what we found out. We started of with the celtic calendar. The celtic calendar has a light side and a dark side. Samhain (Sel-win) is also called the Harvest festival. During the harvest festival the days go shorter and the nights are longer. Permeable is when the after life can come in to the living world and we can come into there world as well. When the celtic tribes come together they would light up a bonfire to welcome the new year.

All saints day also known as Lemuria was originally placed on the 13th of may but changed to the 1st of November. Lemuria was also a day that the Romans thought the dead would rise so to prevent this they would poured roman milk over them. This date was moved so they could drain out the life of halloween. But just to be sure the Christian's made the 2nd of November all souls day. 

On all souls day people go knocking on doors and beg for soul cakes and in exchange they will give prayers to the people in Purgatory. Purgatory is a place between heaven and hell. What did you think Halloween was all about?

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