Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Friends

“We are best friends remember that every time you fall,I will pick you up...after I finish laughing :)”. My friends and I really like this quote because it reminds us of when one of us either falls or falls over. We are a very talkative bunch who enjoy hanging out and having fun. If in one word I could describe my friends it would be unique.

My best friend Ashleigh, I have known her all my life even in kindergarten we were best friends. From then till when we go of to college I hope we will still stay in touch. Ashleigh is a really funny character who will always stick up for her friends and is very smart.

Makerita, 6-7 years I have known her. Rita is very smart and likes to smile alot. Rita out of the group is the mature yet immature person in our group. She likes to play outside but also likes to just kick back and relax sometimes.

Shoal, is a very funny girl who likes food and enjoys watching the newest songs and videos on youtube. She is very kick back and likes to play touch. Shoal is very interesting and also has the most funniest stories.

Hueloata, She is the youngest one in our group, she tells funny jokes and has a really funny laugh. She is very active and likes to play outside on the field. Hueloata and I are really close friends and have the same amount of randomness.

Vivienne, is a smart intelligent girl who is kind and funny. She likes to kick back and is a really good dancer. I meet her to hangout with friends and enjoys being a photographer and videographer. I think she will be very successful when she grows up.

Those are all five of my friends we are very close and we sometimes pretend that we're family. I hope you got an idea of what my friends are like and enjoyed reading my post.

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