Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Sample Narrative - Forrest

Running away from home I end up at the edge of the forbidden forest. Do I go in? I thought to myself. Mum and I had just got into an argument about moving again. Every year she says this is the place yet every year we move. It’s just not fair! When we arrived she gave me strict instructions to not go into the forbidden forest. So this was the best chance to go check it out.

Walking in I see lush native greenery. “This is a pretty cool place” I said to myself. I keep walking and arrive at a picnic table placed in the middle of the forest I look a little closer and it said on a plaque “To my sister Charity”. I sit down wondering who Charsity is? Walking home it started to precipitate.  Its starts to rain so I run home and ask my parents who Charsity is like they would have any idea, but to my surprise they said that the real estate told them about her. She had sadly vanished one day in the woods.... To be continued.

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