Monday, December 9, 2013

Camp Keswick

Day 1 @ Keswick Camp

During last week, camp Keswick was filled of Point England's 2013 year 8's. We ventured on our way down to Rotorua heading to Keswick. That was where we had our year 8 camp. Our bus ride was at least three hours long, but lucky enough we had a few stops on the way. Our first stop was at a reserve which was where we had lunch. At the Reserve we had lunch and also skimmed rocks on the water. We found out that there was a lot of muscles at the lake.

After our break from the bus we had to go strait back on our next destination was a dam. When we arrived at the dam we went for a walk around. If you looked down the dam you could see a great big whole with a little lake down the side. But if you looked on the other side there was so much water I found it quite cool because it was really dry on the other side. Some of the teachers were a little scared of heights which was funny because they told us not to look down and pretend to push them off.

When we finished our walk we went back on the bus for the last time and headed down to Keswick camp. It was really cool because they had a big field to play in and all the girls also had their own sort of cabins. After we unpacked we had to go back onto the bus and we drove to a hill which we walked up. The mountain was really bug to walk through. It was 3.8 kilometers. The first day of camp was fun and I couldn't wait for the next.

Day 2 @ Keswick Camp

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