Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Camp Keswick

Day 2 @ Camp Keswick

Day 2 of camp was full of fun and laughter as all the year 8 kids went to the Agrodome. The Agrodome was so much fun. At first I think we all thought it wasn't going to be fun but we were all wrong. It was really quite interesting and funny.

We first watched as the host sheared a sheep. We felt sad for the sheep that was getting sheared because we thought it was getting thrown around. But he said it was al right and the sheep would be fine. After that he got some volunteers from the crowd to help milk a cow. Two people were invited to go up stage and help from our group and there we also others from the different groups It was really funny because I don't think we have ever seen a cow being milked before so it was really funny.

After that we went to see the Lady Knox geyser which erupts at 10:30 everyday. The Lady Knox geyser when it erupted went between 4 - 6 meters because of the days weather. When that had finished erupting we all went to the Thermal Wonderland just down the road. That was full of funny smells and interesting views.

The day overall went well and was pretty cool I couldn't wait for the next day and what we were going to do then.

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