Thursday, December 12, 2013

Digital Reflection

Being connected with this years new digital technology has helped me to improve my learning. Having my net book connected to the internet has helped me for the following reasons. It has increasingly helped me to exceed more in my maths and reading academic scores at the end of each year. It has also help me to learn more about technology and the digital network.

The TLN Manaiakalani system is a great investment it has helped me personally to access my school work not only at school but at home also. That is great because if I have a task that has to be finished the next day I can always just work on it at home.

My teachers have helped me to learn different sites to help me get through tasks. Some of these sites are Mathswhizz, Xtramath and Thesaurus. Not only do they help me to finish tasks but I also get to learn something new every time I go on those sites.

My friends have helped me a lot with my work when I get stuck on a question or something like that but they have also helped me to stay on track and not go off task. Overall having a net book has helped me a lot and I think this new change is a really good improvement from having books and pencils.

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