Monday, May 23, 2011

Finally Swimming Starts

Yes! swimming has began. I have been dreading it for the last week. Before we got to the pools we had a choice, we could go into the big pool with Mr Marks, or we could go into the leisure pool with Miss Garden. I chose the big pool.

As I went into the pool slowly I could smell the chlorine, and when I was fully in the water it was instantly cold. I had second thoughts for being in the big pool, because I knew that the leisure pool was definitely warmer than the pool I was in.

“We are going to do freestyle” Mr Marks said to us.When it was my turn my arm’s were exhausted, and to make it even better Mr Marks kept on telling us what we needed to improve. I had to work on my arms.

After we did all of our strokes we had extra time. When Mr Marks told us we could have free time everybody said “yes!. Me and my friends did flips and competitions. Sadly we had to go out of the pool and get ready to go back to school.

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