Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesigning Our Netbook Cases

“ I wonder what we are doing today”? said Vivienne. “ I don't know” I replied to her. As the second bell rang for school to start. Something caught my eye, which was on the projector. When I read it, it said “ the B.A.R key. Bigger, Add, Replace. Our class had to redesign our net book cases, not physically but we had to draw it.

First I made the case bigger so I could have a bigger flat screen television. Also I just saw that I don’t really need the handles so I replaced it with a stereo, and a lot more.
I added these features because it would be fun if we were doing it in real life. The T.V and D.V.D player was added for some more entertainment. Instead of handles I added A stereo so when I am writing or we are aloud free time I could just listen and relax. Instead of getting up and grabbing my net book from the cabbed I installed some little hover craft’s.

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