Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble Track


To make our marble track my group has been given, 10 pieces of paper and one meter of tape. With the amount of six newspaper’s we are going to be rolling them up in to tubes. Our group is going to connect them up at the end of each tube. We are going to be putting holes at the Beginning and the end of each rolled up newspaper so the marble can flow through. Also were going to try and use our tape wisely. I’m going to make the tubes, Chante is going to well balance our creation while Maru is taping it together.

What We Did.

“ I’ll start rolling the paper” I said. “Ok” Chante and Maru replied. As we started our invention strait away we got a positive attitude,but then I heard a plop on the ground. It was our tubes the weren't connected properly. So we tried to make it stronger with pieces of sellotape. Our group couldn't stick to the plan because it wasn’t working as we hoped it would, we were guttered . In the end we did not succeed. I hope that the next challenge will be a little easier.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post! Your Tux paint plan is excellent!


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