Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going To The Lantern Festival

On Saturday, we went to the lantern festival. I have never been there before. But it sounds fun. When we got there it was packed like cars in a traffic jam (well kind of). Also there was a wonderful aroma coming from one of the food stands. It was octopus cased in a ball of batter. We bought one each and guess what? They were delicious! (I wish I had some now).

After a little snack we had a look at the stands where there were toys and things like that. We even saw these cute little hats. Some of the hats were monkeys, frogs, rabbits and so much more. Then we went to where the actual lanterns are, they were beautiful. Some lanterns were up in the trees some were down on the ground. There was a variety of lanterns some were shaped as boats, flowers, animals and much much more.

After all our sight seeing we came across an activity where you get into a ball and well play in it. Me and my sister went in one each and we kept on trying to bump each other but instead we kept on falling over slamming our bodies on the bottom of the ball. That’s also how we make other people fall over, because the vibrations on the water shakes there ball. Sadly we had to stop after five minutes. When I walked out side I was really dizzy and  I thought I was going to fall over. But I didn't. My dad told us that we looked like little hamsters in a ball.

We were all ready to go home so we went away from the huge amount of people crowding around the food stands, and started to walk to a bus stop. On the way we looked in some of the shop windows to see all the clothes and shoes. After that we went home and drifted off to sleep hearing the fireworks coming from the festival.

I loved the festival it was really really cool. My Highlight was seeing all the lanterns and playing in the floating water ball. I also recommend you go there too.

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