Thursday, February 23, 2012


“HI Liz” Room 21 said. If you are wondering, Liz is our netball instructor for our class. Every Thursday we meet her on the hardcourt. On the first week we practised the attack position. Liz told us to “get into pairs and start the drill”. My partner was Shoal.

The drill that we had to do was that our partners had to face one another and when Liz said ”field” we had to do three steps to the field and run back to the same spot before our partner does. And when she says “rooms” we do the same thing except we run three steps to the class rooms and back.

After that we played a game of net ball. The teams were bibs and non bibs I was in the bibs. And guess what? We won! I really like netball especially when we win.

As I said before I really like netball. This year I have signed up to play for our school team. The trials are still going on. Wish me luck.

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  1. Hi Brooklyn,
    I really like your post about netball. You explained it really clearly. I was also in the bibs team and guess what, we won too. Anyway, I also signed up to play netball. I hope we both get in. Keep up the great work :)



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