Friday, February 3, 2012

Having A Sleepover For My Birthday

As I woke up and went into the kitchen, my sister jumped out from behind the corner of the bench and yelled out “happy birthday sis!” It was my eleventh birthday. I was going to have a sleepover with my friends.

Sadly only one replied back. But that was alright, I knew that most of them were on holiday. After we had breakfast, we went to pick up Ashleigh. Then we went back home and relaxed before going to watch Journey to Mysterious Island at the movies.

When we just about to leave we had an unexpected visitor. It was Shoal. We all welcomed her in and told her where to put her bags. Then we left straight away to the movies. The movie was hilarious we just kept on talking about it in the car all the way home. When we hopped out of the car we saw that my nana and papa had put up a tent for Ashleigh, Shoal and I to sleep in.

Us three girls entered the tent and started to make our beds. By then it was time for dinner. We had Spaghetti Bolognese. It was delicious. We watched t.v after that and by the time we all had our showers we went to bed.

The next day all of my friends had to go home but my mum said ”If you girls wanted to, you could ring up your parents and ask them if you can stay another night”. So they did and their parents said yes. So that day we went bowling. It was fun except Shoal isn’t really used to bowling and it was quite hard for her. By the way Ashleigh was the bomb at it.

That night we played Blinds Man Buff we kept on laughing tripping over and even falling on each other. After the game we sat down and took pictures of us. Then we went to sleep.

The next day we went to drop of Shoal at her nana’s house. Over all the sleepover was the best.


  1. Hi Brooklyn

    Congratulations for posting in the holidays! Well done you! Your birthday celebrations sounded like a lot of fun. You should read Shoals post to get another point of view about how it went (although its all positive). Keep up the fantastic work.

    Mrs L

  2. Hey Brooklyn,
    Your party and sleep over sounded FUN!!! I wish I was there, sorry I couldn't. I have always wanted to have a sleep over with my friends in a tent. We would have so much fun! I hope that next time we can have a special weekend together!!!

    From Chante.


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