Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Part 1 Entering A New Country

One day in the school holidays my mother surprised me and my sister. She said “we will be going to Hong Kong”. We were in Rarotonga at that time but we were heading back to New Zealand.

We spent one night in Auckland and the next day we were out like flies. Rushing and speeding out of here trying to go to the airport. When we arrived we all said bye to our papa who dropped us off. In the airport we had to go fast because we were running late.

Luckily we made it in time for everyone to board. My mum said that “It would be a long flight and I would like you to have a little sleep” I said “okay”. I watched a lot of movies, maybe even six. But I still needed to go to sleep so I did.

During my very uncomfortable sleep I was awakened by the sound of the co pilot saying “hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your co pilot speaking, dinner will be served soon”. After that not so very yummy meal, the co pilot finally said we will be landing soon.


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  1. Hey Brooklyn,
    I like your writing and also your vocab, its awesome. Keep up the good work. Your also really lucky to go to the Cook Islands and also Hong Kong. Hope you tell us about you at Rarotonga. Love your adventure travelling. Hope you get allot of comments.


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