Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brooklyn Compare and Contrast Picasso's 'The Weeping Woman' and and Daniella Hulmes 'A lazy day in paradise'.

This is the second time room 21 have been required to compare and contrast two different paintings from two different famous artists. One of the artists is Pablo Picasso and the painting that we’re observing is ‘The Weeping Woman’. The other famous artist is Daniella Hulme. The painting we’re using is ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’.

In the ‘The Weeping Woman’ I can see that Picasso used a large amount of lines, shapes, patterns and angles. The colour he mostly used was a faded yellow throughout his painting. He also used green and orange. Picasso’s style of painting is Cubism.

When I look at ‘A lazy day in paradise’ I notice that Daniella Hulme has used vibrant, bright, bold colours. Since she is married to a samoan man her inspiration for all the paintings she does is involved with Pasifika. Also Daniella’s style of painting is Modern Art.

They (Picasso and Hulme) don’t have a lot in common because the ‘The Weeping Woman’ has faded colours and has a sad feeling to it. But in ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ it has bright bold colours.

Although Daniella Hulme is not as famous as Picasso she is a very very good artist. If I had to choose one that I really liked, I would pick ‘A lazy day in paradise’. I chose ‘A lazy day in paradise’ because it has a fun and also relaxed feeling to it

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