Friday, May 4, 2012

Part 2 Of Entering A New Country

About two movies later the pilot said “ Ladies and gentlemen we are about to land on behalf of the air new zealand crew we hope you have enjoyed your flight”. When we got out of the plane we were thinking so since we're in Hong Kong how do we get out of here!!

While walking around tring to find an exit sign or something we saw the outside and cars that looked like taxis, so we walked out and a man said so we are we heading to? My Mum said “ Prince Hotel in the city”. The man showed us to the taxi and told the driver where we were going. In the taxi was a T.V I tried playing with it and then it burst out with a song in Cantonese.

After that interesting drive to the city we made it to the hotel. I was sure we were going to crash because the drive kept on yawning and doing that noise were you put one finger in your ear and you wiggle it and you're also tring to cough something up,  man I hate that. I was so glad when we arrived. The hotel was so beautiful and my mum upgraded our room and added breakfast to it.

We got our key to our room and me and my sister ran to the elevator pressed the level that our room was on. As soon as we got on the 15th floor me and my sister ran to find the room. Mum opened the door and it was so........ beautiful even if it was just a little small. Straight away we went to sleep. But sooner or later we had to wake up, and when we did it was morning.


  1. Hi Brooklyn, I read your first part of entering a new country, and I thought that they fit well together. You could have used a little more punctuation though oh and maybe you should check your sentences because some of them don't really make any sense to me. Anyway you did an awesome job Brooklyn. Keep up the great work!!!


  2. Loved reading your story about traveling to Hong Kong. If you ever get a chance, it would be great to read more about what you did when you were there! I totally agree with you about your ears feeling weird when you get off the plane. Great description of that!


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