Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old Derelict House

Dashing out of class, just thinking about the old abandoned house and what lies inside. I bought Rita to a halt and told him about my Idea.”What that’s a stupid idea” Rita said to Tim after he revealed his idea. After a long pause Rita finally said “Yeah okay but if we get in trouble....”. “Meet me in front of the house at twelve tonight”. I said.

Walking outside the house I see in the distance Rita running towards me.”Egg, what took you so long?” I said furiously.Rita replied with a” who cares, how do you supposed we get in genius?”. SMASH!!,I had got a big rock and through it against the glass window.  

Climbing in through the jagged window I cut my hand from a sharp piece of glass left over from what used to be a window. I was now inside. Grasping my hand that got cut, the smell of mist and dust cover the air. I peer around and see cobwebs everywhere. Rita was so afraid of spiders. Looking to our left we see white sheets over couches, desks, an olden day styled t.v and heaps of other antique looking objects.  A rugged house from the outside but in the inside it was so beautiful.

We split up. Rita on the other side and me on the side where the t.v was. We dust things off and uncover wierd looking stuff. “Hey look at this” I said to Rita. I had found a mysterious book with a weird looking eye in the middle of it. The title was ‘A Mysterious Book Full Of Wild And Thrilling Things’. I opened the book with anticipation to the name of the title, just to find that there was nothing in it, not even a single word.

“Nahr. Nevermind,” I said back to Rita without even looking back at her. “I think we should get going now,” Rita encouraged.
“Yeop I’ll meet you out there,” I replied.
I gazed at the book and it’s title. For a few seconds I thought about what it might just be. Then as I heard Rita yell out one last time, “we have to get going” I then stashed it into my pocket and hurried my way outside.

“Finally. Let’s go hurry up” Rita said already starting to walk up to the front of the house to where the mailbox was placed. I was listening to her, but still at the same time thinking about the book I had uncovered in an old derelict house. Maybe it was a journal. Who knows. I’ll find out along the way.

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  1. Hey Brooklyn,

    That story has me in chills, I want to know what happens next but I'm almost scared to ask.

    Have a read through and watch for punctuation and some of your spelling, otherwise AWESOME story, keep it up.

    Mr. Hutchings


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