Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

The first term of my last year at P.T England school is almost over over. Please help to make it slow down. Soon I’ll be leaving to for college and I won't even notice the time fly by. There are so many ups to this term but there are also some downs. I’ll start off with the ups it was the first term of actually being prefect. I also got to make new friends in class like Taylor and Serenity. Hopefully there will be more fun and good things to come during the rest of the year.

The things that I didn't enjoy about this term would be getting in trouble a couple of times. I hope I won’t be in those same situations again. Also being just a little bit behind on my tasks. Maybe next term I could hand in my tasks on time. Looking back on this term I could imagine some things that I could work on.

The subjects we are learning this year are Writing, Reading, Maths, Te Reo Maori and PE. Also this year and last year we went down to Tamaki College for Technology. Hard Materials (Wood work), Cooking and Electronics were last years classes. This year the classes are Hard Materials, Cooking and Graphics. The class I am in is Wood Work. I think in class I could do much better by not talking to friends as much, focusing on my work and putting my hand up to answer more questions. When our tasks that we get given are optional to chose to be with or without a partner. I will try and be more independent.

I can’t wait until next term because then the other prefects and I can organise more events for the school and also to get a fresh start and to finish things off properly. Overall this term has been awesome.   

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