Monday, April 8, 2013

Test Narrative

Walking into class one day I realize my best friend Sam wasn’t here.” Where’s Sam?” I asked my teacher Mrs Squires. She said “ I don’t know maybe she’s sick or something.” I knew she wasn't. She’s never sick and when she is she always comes to school with a mask on.

As I walked home with my little sister Jo, she said” How came Sam isn’t here with us she’s always here?” I walked along ignoring her because she would just keep on pouring out questions. Suddenly I noticed was that there was no sound in the background, just silence. Not even a bird was chirping. “This is so weird, why is everything so quiet? I thought to myself.

As soon as we got home and walked in the house it was the same. No noise whatsoever.  Putting my bag down next to the front door, I saw mum’s keys hanging on the hook. Mum must have arrived home early mother had arrived home early. “Girls are you home yet” she yelled from across the kitchen.
“Mum!!” Jo yelled as she raced down the stairs and hugged mum so tightly her face was turning red.

As I walked up to her I said “Do you know what happened to Sam today Mum?” “No what?” Wow I thought actually knew for she is best friends with her mum. They always go and get their hair done together and she usually doesn't do anything without her.

“ I'm going out to see Sam” I yelled as I ran out the door. Sam had only lived next door so we usually go over each others house to chat. Knocking on the Robertsons door Kate Sam’s mum opened the big black castle like door and said “Come In”. “I was just about to come over when you knocked on our door”. “Do you know where Sam is” i asked hoping not to alarm her in some way. “Oh you didn’t hear Sam’s missing”.

What she’s missing but how she hardly goes anywhere without her mum or me. “The last time we saw here was before her father and I went out to do the groceries. When we came home she was gone”. Kate had explained all I needed to know about Sam.

The next day I went to school there was another person missing. How can that be two people in the same week. What was going on? This time the person that was missing was Mary one of the sweetest girls in school. Where could she have gone?

I was starting to worry because each day their was a least one person that was missing. And the worst thing was I was the only one that noticed. One nite I went to Sam’s house to see if their was any clues to find her. First I checked up in her room she was really talented she could draw anything up to a simple bunny to a night sky full of souls and spirits.

There was one thing that I noticed and that was a drawing of the whole town one that I had never seen before. Her drawings always had meaning but his it was almost like a map, with marked out spots and little notes that I couldn't really read.

I kept the drawing and studied it hard. Then it clicked. Since this looks like a map why don’t I see where it leads up to. I followed the map and where it lead to. Inside of me it felt like it was going to lead me to Sam and the others.

Strangely I ended up in the town centre. There was no one here but the strange looking statue in the middle. Five steps north was all I could read from that point. it was raining and I could hardly see a thing. The map lead me to the statue I climbed up on the base of it and looked at it hard. In it’s eyes I could see something. And thats when I noticed. In the cemetery I saw her and the others. It was like they were hiding from something. But what?

I ran over and said “There you are what are you guys doing in there?” I going to get you out. The lock was stuck I couldn’t open it until I found a large rock. Starting to hammer the lock with the rock like a maniac. It opened and they all ran out happy. The next day they all explained what had happened. They said that they all were lured inside like nothing. THE END

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