Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pools In The Holidays

Heading on down to the G I pools with my friend Ashleigh we wonder if anyone is there. We were planning to meet up with a couple of friends down at the pools. We arrive and see that most of the yr 8 boys and some girls from P.T England school were there.

The girls we saw were sitting on the platform where all the bags were lying, we sat next to them and saw that most of the yr 8 boys were in the pool. Ashleigh and I went to get changed and sit next to the pool. Walking down the ladder chills go up my spine the water was so cold!

Swimming down to the other end of the pool we hang out with our friend Raenan. We play I dare you for a while and then almost everyone walks into the medium size pool because its warmer. I slide down the side of the pool and just relax it was so warm I could just go to sleep. We played a bit of ball tiggy and tackled one another a few times but it was fun.

It was now one thirty and none of our other friends had arrived. But just around the corner Makerita walked through the doors."Hey Rita what took you so long you were supposed to be here at 12:00?" She said that she had to wait for her mum or someone over 16 to look after her sister. Tanisha her friend was sixteen but apparently you had to be 17 or older . So when her mum arrived all of us went back inside the big pool for a little while.

Me and Ashleigh had to go back to my place at around two so we left Rita and that behind. Ashleigh and I came home and saw that my sister and nana had came back from housie. Ash and I went inside the house and I rang up my mum. She said that Ash could sleep over if she wanted. I was so excited! After my call, Ash rang her parents up. "Yeah I can sleep over" she said. We both did a little dance and sat down and started to play play-station. The End


  1. Hey Brooklyn,

    Nice story. I really did enjoy my time at the pools with you guys. It was so much fun. I liked how you used interesting vocabulary when you were getting into the pool. Keep up the great work.


    1. Hey Raenan,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Your friend Brooklyn

    2. Your welcome Brooklyn.. :)

  2. Hey Brooklyn,
    Awesome writing. But we sure did have an awesome time down at the pools with the short time we had didn't we. Nice to see you posting in the holidays. Keep up the awesome work.

    Yours Sincerely,


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