Friday, May 10, 2013

An Epic Day At Pt England School

Waiting outside the breeze with Makerita, Darius, Crusader. We were waiting for a very special guest our job was to meet and greet. I was so excited to see who it was, Makerita came running to me and said that it was "Will.I.Am"! "AAHH" I said in excitement. He was giving a huge donation to the manaiakalani education trust.  All of us shook his hand and walked him down the hall.

Gasps from the students was all you could hear. I show him his seats and go into the music room the Kapahaka group were ready to go on stage I take of my school jacket and slide into the line. Walking up onto the steps I was ready to perform. We were reciting our group performance from our 2013 fiafia.
We walked off the stage and went to go sit down at the back. Vivienne had now introduced the hip hop senior group.

After the hip hop seniors performance Will.I.Am went up did a little speech.  He started to talk about his dream it was to take care of his mum and was to be a great musician. He also had a few tips to tell the yr 8 students he said to choose your friends carefully. They can ether  help you to get through school or they can hold you back.

After his speech the check of 100 000 rolled on up with his signature. A quick picture was taking with our principle. And then it was Pat Sneeden's turn to make a speech. After the assembly all the kids went back to there classes while the media took snap snapshots and answers some questions. 

That night on the radio I heard some of the prefects and I on the ZM radio station. Hearing my voice on radio was awesome. We were also on one news which was really really cool. A special thank you to and all his sponsors for giving $100 000 to go towards the manaiakalani education trust.

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  1. Congratulations! You wee a wonderful ambassador for Manaiakalani as well as Pt England School.

    I think you should embed some of the media clips about this occasion on your blog so you know where to locate them all when you are older and want to show your husband and children :)

    Mrs Burt


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