Monday, May 13, 2013

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

P.S.I Pt England School Investigates. That is the theme for this term. At the beginning of each term we have an Immersion assembly.  For those of you who don't know what an Immersion assembly is then it is when all the teacher from each team go up on stage and explain, in whatever way to there team and the whole school on what they're learning about.

First up was team 1 it started off with an amusing video of the pink panther and then ended with the team one teachers on stage trying to measure out a picture of the pink panther with a ruler spoons and so on. And if you haven’t noticed they're learning about measurements.  

Next was team 2 had Mrs She and Mrs Blake they were just investigating well almost anything. Next was team 3 they showed us how to make a balloon scream! They tried a couple of times but when they got a 8 or 6 sided nut bolt and put it in it worked.

The two last teams were team 4 and team 5. Team four had a little competition about Antarctica so I guess they are investigating about different countries. Now team five was my favourite it had the team 5 teachers up on the stage and they were doing there own version of MKR (My Kitchen Rules) but they called it my healthy kitchen rules MHKR. Mrs Nua was Pete and Ms King was Manu. Their competition was to make the healthiest meal. The competitor that I liked was Mrs Langitupu she said one line that just cracked most of P.T England Up the line was “I’m making it for my ten husband and 3 children”.

That was so funny anyway this term still goes on and I can’t wait for what the teachers  decide on what next terms topic is.

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