Tuesday, May 14, 2013

School Holidays

The holidays. A two week break from school. On the first week of the school holidays my cousins from Whangarei were supposed to come down, but they had different plans. So the first week was all about relaxing and cleaning.

The second week came along and my sister and I had to go down to our nanas house in Pukekohe.  When we arrived we walked into our bedroom and saw that our cousins were sitting on the bed. We gave each other big and cuddly hugs. Then we played with the jigsaw puzzle and walked around the house. It was nearly time for tea so we went back inside, had a shower, and sat at the table ready for dinner. After dinner we retired up to our beds. Apparently I was knocked out when I landed right onto my bed. But I was really tired though.

There was one really funny day when we went to the park. We played tag through the playground. When we got tired we would sit on a big round spinning thing. My cousin AJ and my nana went into the car. But my sister had yelled out well im not coming so they just drove off with out us. We started to run across the field yelling out "hey wait up" they never stopped but it was alright because the Pake 'n' save was right next to the park. Like literately across the road and that was where they were heading.

The week went so fast but on the last day we had a very long drive down to Tikiwiti to drop off my cousins. The last week was over and it was time to go back to school. So overall my holiday was alright I got spend time with my cousins and a little time at home.

Makerita buddy read my post above.

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  1. Hey Brooklyn,
    Ata here, I really like your writing but I think you could written it way better. I would have loved to spend time with my cousins aswell. If they lived far away from me who knows what I would do all alone at home with nothing to do. Back to your writing, I still think that your can write better than that. Keep up he great work.


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